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Part 2 : Web application development using AngularJS, Spring Boot and Maven – Adding AngularJS support

In my previous [1] post, I created a project for a simple web application using Spring Boot and Maven. I want to take it further and add AngularJS support to the setup.

I am an avid birder so I am going to develop a Bird Log app to log my bird sightings. Recently, I was introduced to AngularJS and have become a big fan of this framework. I am going to develop a Single Page Application (SPA) using AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap Framework for HTML and CSS.

Why AngularJS?

Before we begin

This post assumes that you are familiar with the AngularJS framework. This post explains how to configure and use AngularJS within Spring and Maven project. If you are new to AngularJS, please take a look at AngularJS Guides [2] or many other excellent tutorials online.

Setting up AngularJS in Spring Boot Application

In this example, Maven is used to manage dependencies for Java components. I plan to use Bower [3], the package manager for the web, to simplify management AngularJS and other related Javascript package dependencies.

Note: Use of Bower is optional. If you are not familiar with Bower or don’t want to use Bower, please configure the required packages (AngularJS and Bootstrap for now) manually.

Develop Web Application using AngularJS

Now that I have my Spring Boot Application (see Part 1 [4]) setup with AngularJS support, I can start developing my Bird Log application.

###Sum it up
At this point, I have a basic working AngularJS application. The application doesn’t do much yet, but I’ll add more details to it soon. In the next post, I’ll beautify the app using Bootstrap framework.