To attain a challenging position as a chief technologist in the field of enterprise application development and Internet technologies where innovative system design and engineering can be leveraged to achieve and exceed business objectives.


Results oriented, innovative, strategist and technologist, known to exceed expectations. Excellent communicator specializing in building and mentoring results-driven development teams both in-house and offshore. Many years of hands-on experience in architecting, developing and maintaining scalable enterprise applications using J2EE and other emerging technologies to achieve business objectives.

Technical Skills
Enterprise Architecture
System Design & Development
Design Patterns
Java/JEE Technologies, Groovy
MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB
JPA, Hibernate, Spring Data
Spring Framework, Spring Boot & Spring Security
Web Services
User Interface
Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS
Other Interests
Semantic Web, Linked Data
Scala, MongoDB, Redis
Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud (Amazon Cloud, AWS)
Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Underscore.js

Other Interests
Recently started working on NoSQL databases, especially MongoDB. Exploring Spring Data project to manage access to MongoDB and working on a prototype that uses the new Aggregation Framework in MongoDB 2.2 to build a scalable event aggregation system.
Started learning Scala programming language that brings functional programming to Java.
Web Design and Applications
Working on a SPA (Single Page Application) using Bootstrap, AngularJS, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.
Web Architecture and Semantic Web
Very interested in exploring how semantic technologies like RDF (Resource Description Framework), RDFS (RDF Schema), OWL (Web Ontology Language), SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System), SPARQL (Query language for the Semantic Web) can be used to take advantage of the exploding linked data.
Avid birder and photographer
Recent work on Flickr
Cherished Light Photography
Lego Mindstorms

Professional Experience
AstraZeneca, PLC. Life Sciences Architect
January 2012 - Present
Joined AstraZeneca RDI group to kick-start a new initiative to enable faster and reliable discovery of new opportunities and drugs within AstraZeneca R&D. Using Linked Data to share or connect related data (for example, clinical trials) from different sources was the key to the success of this initiative.
  • Primary responsibilities included prototyping, designing, and supporting, use of Semantic Web technologies like RDF, Triplestores, SPARQL and PURL. Helped in defining URI scheme that is critical part of Linked Data strategy as well as defining ontology to represent internal data.
  • Worked with Thomson Reuters to evaluate their product called Cortellis Data Fusion that supports AstraZeneca's linked data strategy. This technology connects internal data with the external data, allowing our scientist to explore hidden relationships between clinical trials, drugs, genes and compounds.
  • Worked with external partners like 3 Roundstones to evaluate their product called Callimachus and developed many prototypes using Callimachus to implement UI applications. Mentored other team members to use this technology.
  • Helped the Software Development group in finalizing their ALM stack using open source products. Promoted and trained team members to use open source tools like JUnit, JMeter, Hudson. This has allowed AstraZeneca to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on HP tools like Quality Center and LoadRunner.
Nexage, Inc. Senior Software Architect
September 2009 - January 2012
Nexage is the leading provider of the premier optimization platform for mobile advertising. The Nexage Revenue Platform, comprised of Real Time Bidding Platform (RTB exchange) and mediation, maximizes revenue for publishers and developers, and campaign ROI for demand sources and advertisers.
  • Part of the core 4-member engineering team that built the most reliable and scalable mediation platform for Nexage. Today, Nexage supports over 200 publishers, has over 100 buyers (ad networks) and more than 20 bidders on the RTB platform (up from 5 publishers, 20 buyers in 2009)
  • Responsible for assisting the CTO in re-architecting existing mediation platform for the expected explosive growth. The mediation platform now has an uptime of 100% for more than 18 months, serving close to 275M requests per day, with response time of < 250ms and Nexage overhead < 60ms.
  • Architected, designed and implemented the first ever mobile RTB Platform.
    • Helped the CTO finalize the RTB Interface specification Ver 1.0 for the OpenRTB initiative (http://code.google.com/p/openrtb/). Nexage RTB Exchange is the first ever mobile RTB exchange that implements the OpenRTB Interface V 1.0
    • 20+ DSPs (Bidders) have integrated with the Nexage RTB Exchange
    • Currently handles close to 100M requests per day, conducting auctions with 20+ Bidders, with average response time of < 100ms and overhead < 10ms.
Loftware, Inc. Chief Architect/Development Manager
December 2008 - September 2009
  • As the Chief Architect I was responsible for helping the CTO to develop a strategy to turn the existing Loftware products into J2EE-based, Enterprise class solutions.
  • As a Development Manager, I managed a team of 10 in order to implement the solutions.
matchmine LLC Director of Software Architecture
March 2006 - October 2008
  • Was part of the initial, 4-member team that helped the founder of matchmine turn his idea in to reality.
  • Architected, designed and implemented the core Media Discovery Platform that was scalable, reliable and secure to handle large user base. The system served close to 750K requests per day, with average response time of 600ms or better.
  • Assisted sales team during sales calls, worked with the partners to integrate with matchmine's discovery solution in to their sites.
  • Worked with product management to design and prototype integration with ad Servers, which was crucial for monetization of the Media Discovery Platform.
eCredit.com Inc.Director of Technology/Chief Architect
April 2004 - February 2006 (Dedham, MA)Director of Technology R&D
June 2002 - April 2004 (Bangalore, India)Chief Architect
October 2001 - June 2002 (Dedham, MA)Senior Architect
Responsible for assisting the CTO in maintaining eCredit’s technology leadership through vigilance of new technologies and trends, aligning technical opportunity with eCredit’s market focus on B2B credit, and leading the introduction of selected technologies into eCredit’s products and services.
  • Joined eCredit.com to help launch a “company restart” involving the consolidation of all eCredit product lines into a fully integrated J2EE platform called nFusion. The objective was to provide a modular, scalable, highly extensible, and secure platform that could be delivered on-demand in an ASP model or licensed for internal deployment.

    nFusion was successfully launched in Q1 of 2002 and won the 2003 SIIA Codie Award for “Best Business Product or Service”. Since then, it has acquired tens of thousands of users in Fortune 500 companies and contributes to 90% of eCredit revenues.

  • Relocated to the eCredit Bangalore office to establish an offshore development capability for the nFusion product line. The success of this move was critical to eCredit’s survival through the economic downturn of 2002. Within 6 months, 90% of all eCredit product development was taking place successfully and effectively in Bangalore. This has been a crucial factor in maintaining a competitive lead in the B2B credit space.
  • Trained and mentored existing eCredit software engineers. Interviewed and hired numerous direct contract engineering staff.
JP Morgan Chase & Company Chief Architect (Consultant)
December 2000 - October 2001
The JP Morgan Chase Bank developed a web-based financial services gateway for B2B eCommerce. This included services such as an online payment engine, invoice and dispute management, and credit reporting.
  • Developed the architecture for the gateway that integrated various marketplaces and the existing back-end payment systems of the Chase bank.
  • Worked with the business development team to define business and technical requirements and provided technical guidance to the development team.
EC Cubed Inc. Tech Lead/Architect
October 1997 - December 2002
EC Cubed was one of the early players in the eCommerce developing and hosting build-to-order, mission critical B2B eCommerce solutions. These solutions were constructed based on a robust set of proprietary components called ecWorks, designed to encapsulate common functionality such as user profiles, catalogs, auctions, contracts, workflow, notifications, and data integration.
Other Consulting Assignments
May 1997 - October 1997GE Capital, Retailer Finance Services, Stamford CT
May 1996 - May 1997 NYNEX, New York NY
December 1994 - March 1996Tata Consultancy Services, Bombay India
December 1993 - December 1994Information Management Resources, India
July 1993 - November 1993Laxsons Engineering and Electronics Pvt. Ltd., India

B.E. Computer Science & Engineering
Bombay University, India
Achieved First Class with Honors